Valentine’s Day Cookies for those IN and OUT of love…

February 8, 2014



Valentine’s day, being right around the corner, gives us all a great excuse to forego that New Years resolution to stop eating carbs and get in the best shape of our lives in favor of baking something delicious.  Even if you’re planning a quiet evening in your pyjamas watching horror movies, man hating and crying into your popcorn there is no reason you can’t at least be a little festive…

I like Valentines day.  Well, if I’m being honest, I don’t particularly like or dislike it.  It just kind of comes and goes without notice, like a leap year or a hangnail.  I figure, if you’re lucky enough to be in a “core shakingly” loving relationship, you shouldn’t wait for that one day a year to celebrate it.  That being said, I DO enjoy the pink champagne, fresh flowers and sparkly gifts that tend to accompany the day in question.  Yes, once I consider the sparkle, I come to the conclusion that I like Valentine’s day.  I like it a lot.

That being said, let’s be honest.  We all have that one friend… you know the one.  She’s been dumped over email and stood up on blind dates.  She’s tried online dating to no avail and has pretty much given up on finding Mr. right in favor of taking up knitting so she can outfit her growing menagerie of cats.  Needless to say, she may have become a little bitter about the whole Valentine’s Day thing.  She’s the Miranda of the group and there’s no way in hell she’s going to find her inner Charlotte before next Friday.  She too, deserves cookies.  

Whichever side of the pendulum your feelings fall on, I’m sure there will be no arguments that sweet and sour sayings sugar cookies are the perfect Valentine’s day treat for those IN and OUT of love. 

So grab a bottle (or two) of bubbly, call over a few friends, and whip up a recipe of your favourite sugar cookies.  After mixing, roll out the dough and chill in the refrigerator prior to cutting out your cookies (with a heart shaped cutter of course).  Chill again before baking as directed, let cool and then get to decorating. You know, the fun part, when you no longer have to watch your alcohol consumption for fear of burning yourself.  

Most of the time, cookies like these are covered in fondant.  I prefer using marzipan for its superior taste (almonds and sugar rather than straight sugar).  Should you be allergic to nuts, or dislike almonds, fondant is fine.  Separate whichever you are using into 4 or 5 pieces and colour each to obtain pastel hues.  Be sure to add a very small amount of colour at a time (like nailhead small) so as to not oversaturate.  You can always add more colour, but can’t remove it after it’s been added. 

To decorate, roll out your marzipan/fondant and use the heart cutters to cut pieces that will cover the tops of your cookies.  You can use a little jam or brush a little water over the cookie to help adhere the marzipan/fondant.  This can add a nice flavor and moisture to the cookie as sugar cookies can sometimes be quite crisp.  

The last step of the process is to add your favourite sweet or sour sayings to your cookies with small letter stamps.  The stamps themselves don’t have to be anything special.  You can use any rubber stamps, just be sure to use them solely for cookies and not after you’ve already adorned a page in the baby book. Nobody wants to eat ink.

Now it’s time to unleash your inner cheesy romance novelist and/or feminist songwriter. I’ve included Some examples of sweet and sour sayings should you need some inspiration to get you going…


Sour Sayings: DOWN WITH LOVE, F*** BOYS, BITE ME, SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE (should you decide to make a jumbo sized cookie)

Get creative!  The possibilities are endless!  Most importantly, have fun!  And don’t forget your friend.  Please interrupt her Alanis Morissette scream-along-marathon for one and bring her some cookies.  And maybe some pink champagne too.  Believe me, it’s not going to make things any worse…

Happy Valentine’s Day!